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My Hometown

My hometown of Oxford, Michigan, was struck by tragedy today when a 15 year old sophomore opened fire in our high school killing three students and injuring eight more. This is something that I never in a million years would have expected could happen in our quaint small town about an hour north of Detroit. My boys are recent graduates from Oxford High School. I've always been proud of the Oxford School District and the high quality education they provide. I remember when they instituted their new security measures and lockdown policy of the schools. I thought it was overkill and expressed that this is the last place anything like that would ever happen. I was wrong. You just never know what's going on in the minds of our young people today. Please know that there is help available and that people care. I honestly believe that most people are good. This has been a very sad day in our community. Please keep our students, parents, faculty, and community in your prayers. Thank you.

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