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Introducing the MojiPop

Check out 2 new MojiLife products that launched today... Available now. 😁

The MojiPop and the Happy Coffee Fragrance Pod


$10.00 USD

Description: MojiPop banishes bad smells anywhere they lurk, from sock drawers to gym bags to the car's glove box. Just pop apart the two halves of the MojiPop, drop in your favorite Fragrance Pod, snap closed, then choose your scent strength level by dialing up or down the adjustable vents, and you're ready to roll! Just place the 'Pop out of sight and let it work its fragrance magic to scent your space perfectly and for weeks! Comes in a colorful drawstring storage bag (for great and easy gifting!)

The MojiPop is a must-have for every sock drawer, linen closet, gym bag and glove box in the world—and it's the fastest, easiest way to banish the bad smells and boost the good. Just pop the MojiPop open, drop in your favorite Fragrance Pod, snap the Pop closed, dial up or down the scent level on the adjustable vents, and place wherever you need a refresh. It's the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer (cute case included). Your customers will want 1, 5, or 10! And remind them to add Fragrance Pods for every MojiPop they order.

Happy Coffee Fragrance Pod

$8.25 USD

Description: Comforting, cozy, and rich, you'll love the aroma of our finest Happy Coffee brew in a Fragrance Pod. The perfect perk anytime, day or night!

Fragrance strength: Medium


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