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Introducing MojiLife's New Black Label Line

MojiLife's Black Label Line is being released on Black Friday! The pods are in the sleek, black, glossy labels with the black cups. I love this line and it is the perfect stocking stuffer for the men in your life. 🎅 I know this line was designed with the men in our lives in mind, but I love it too! I wish they could bottle some of them up as men's fragrances!


The rich scent of crushed pine needles and rustic tones of warm cedarwood takes you deep into the evergreen forest.


A fresh, clean fragrance you won’t forget. Hints of citrus, cedar, and bergamot combine perfectly to draw you in.


This sophisticated fragrance is worthy of the most formal event with its fresh, cool burst of eucalyptus matched with tobacco & tonka bean.


Like stepping into a warm mountain cabin, the familiar smell of smoldering firewood encompasses this fragrance, bringing in notes of leather, smoked, and fir needle.

Black Friday is going to be epic and the Black Label line is worth the wait. #mymojilife #mojilife #blacklabel #blackfriday2021 💙

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