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Happy Places

I don't know about you, but I have a handful of places that I call my "Happy Places." Frankenmuth, Michigan is one of them. Here is an excerpt of the perfect description about Frankenmuth on "Welcome to Frankenmuth. Michigan’s little Bavaria, where we find all the things that make time together so meaningful. It’s a place of horse-drawn carriages and covered bridges. Of riverboat cruises and world famous chicken dinners. Of big water parks and small-town strolls."

My favorite place to visit is the Bavarian Inn. I love that the people in Frankenmuth are always friendly. The town is always clean and brightly decorated for every season or holiday. And, the food is always homemade and served hot and delicious! The shopping is pretty awesome too. Frankenmuth is strong in their German roots. It's a great place to spend quality time with your family if just for a dinner or an overnight stay. Frankenmuth is also home to the World's Largest Christmas Store, Bronners. If you ever make it to Michigan someday, please be sure to schedule a stop in Frankenmuth.

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