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Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mom

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Mom xoxo. You left us way too soon at only 45 years old. It makes me sad when I think about how much of my life you've missed out on. You would be so proud of your two handsome grandsons. You'd be happy to know that I've visited Hidden Valley in recent years. I know how much you loved it there. I also have you to thank for my love of French Onion Soup. You used to order it all of the time when we went out to dinner together. Now that dad is gone too, it makes it that much harder on me not having either parent around. I think of you each time I see a single beautiful red Robin in our yard. I know how much you loved to watch the birds. I'm sure that your life in heaven is heavenly with nana, grandpa, Aunt Marsha, Uncle Art, and all of our dear little aunties and uncles who are surrounding you with love. Missing you today and always. #enjoyeverymoment #mojilife #mymojilfe

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