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Cyber Monday 2021


Black Label Collection

What a combo!


All 4 Black Label Pods; Alpha, Aspen, Black Tie, Embers

Black AirMoji

Black MojiMini

Regular PRV 91.90

Sales PRV 79.95


Guest Collection

So fresh, so clean- 2 pods to make your home smell fresh this festive season. Paired with the linen spray for a clean collection.


Fresh Linen Spray

Clothesline Pod

Spring Breeze Pod

Regular PRV 22.95

Sales PRV 12.50


The Edge BOGO Collection

Buy an Edge EO Pod and an Edge Aromatherapy Inhaler and get one of each FREE!


2 Air+Edge Pods

2 Air+Edge Aromatherapy Inhalers

Regular PRV 49.40

Sales PRV 24.70


"Vacay Dreams" Contest Collection

This special M3 Collection was chosen by a MojiLife distributor. Submitted by Stephanie Waide.

Congrats! It does sound dreamy. All 3 winners will be announced on home office social media soon. Also, be on the lookout for a MojiLife "recipe" book with all of the awesome scent combos published.


Black M3

3 Black MojiMinis

Maui Pod

Poolside Pod

Bora Bora Pod

Regular PRV 119.95

Sales PRV 100.00


MojiLife Car Kit Collection

"On The Go" Bundle


Microfiber Towel

4oz/118ml Travel Size Glass & Surface Cleaner

4oz/118ml Travel Size Odor Eliminator / Spot Remover

Rich Leather Pod (with Cowboy Christmas label)

Regular PRV 22.95

Sales PRV 12.95


All Is Calm Collection

Combat the Holiday stress!


Lavender Hand Soap

Air+Calm EO Pod

Be Relaxed Lavender Inhaler

Relax Bath Bomb

Regular PRV 46.90

Sales PRV 25.00


These are all while supplies last.

See individual photos for details.

Order yours by visiting my website at or feel free to reach out to me for help.

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