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April Fool's Joke-NOT!


Starting NOW, the next 6 months are an as exciting time as we have had in the HISTORY OF MOJILIFE. That's no APRIL FOOL'S JOKE. 😀 Take a look at these special offers MojiLife has put together for the month of April. WOW!

🔵AirMoji 2-Pack Bundle 🔵

1- black and 1- gray device

Regular PRV 111.90

Sale USD $99.95

🔵 Toilet Bowl Cleaner 🔵

- 20 pods per pack

Sale USD $15.95

🔵 Showcase Collection 🔵

All 4 Black Label Line

- Alpha Pod

- Aspen Pod

- Black Tie Pod

- Embers Pod

Get a FREE Gray Car Moji

Regular PRV 35.95

Sale USD $26.00

🔵 Fresh Linen Collection 🔵

- Clothesline Pod

- Linen Spray

Regular PRV 16.45

Sale USD $12.95

🔵Spot Free Collection 🔵

- Odor Eliminator

- Microfiber Towel

- On-The-Go Mini Spray Bottle

Regular PRV 26.40

Sale USD $20.00

🔵Easter Basket Collection 🔵

- White Car Moji

- Exhilarate Bath Bomb

- Lilac Blossom Pod

- Pod Keepers

- Air+Edge Inhaler

Regular PRV 33.40

Sale USD $24.50

HOP to it to enjoy these special offers and order your favorite specials today by visiting my website at or call me if you need help placing your order.

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