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A Better Life

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My name is Alison Bouck. I'm a founding independent distributor with MojiLife. If you've never heard of MojiLife before, you’re in for a treat. MojiLife offers luxury fragrances and essential oils for you to enjoy without the mess and fuss of waxes, oils, heat, soot, and chemicals. MojiLife’s products are kid safe, pet friendly, and environmentally conscientious.

I have always been attracted to the network marketing industry. I believe that network marketing companies offer superior quality products at fair prices. What’s even better about network marketing is that joining a network marketing company offers everyone, regardless of their background, the opportunity to make A Better Life for themselves and their families. We all have an even platform to grow from. With network marketing, you cannot get to the top without helping others to achieve their dreams and goals, which is what makes this business model super attractive to me.

I was first introduced to MojiLife before the company had even gone live. A former downline member from another network marketing company called me and told me about MojiLife. I was so excited that I registered to become a consultant immediately before even seeing a picture of the product or reading a word about the company. I believed that they were onto something with their revolutionary flagship product, the AirMoji. Like the founders of MojiLife who were driven to make a difference after their business suffered a complete loss following a warehouse fire, my family had a small house fire when I was younger after a candle was left burning at the end of the night. I am grateful to the MojiLife leadership for their creativity and innovation in developing a product for us all to enjoy that’s Safe, Smart, and Simple.

It’s been a fun journey so far. MojiLife offers innovative technology in an over 60B dollar a year industry, according to the Direct Selling Association. There is room for everyone. Their leadership is top notch. I like how approachable and down to earth everyone with MojiLife is. Drawing on my extensive history in network marketing, I think that MojiLife has modeled their program improving on or using all the best components from other companies. I’m looking for motivated self-starters who want to join me in this journey and build their own business, or customers who simply want to enjoy our state-of-the-art products. Let’s Enjoy Every Moment together!

Please feel free to preview my website at or reach out to me via email with any questions at

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