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Quite literally, the fragrance innovation that is replacing candles and diffusers everywhere. No flame, no soot, no wax, no water. Just airflow through a saturated pod. Oh, and it does both fragrance and essential oils! 

Simply select the right device for your car or home fragrance need. 

Choose either a fragrance pod or an essential oil pod. Our AirMoji lineup accepts both!

If you choose the AirMoji, add your signature style with an AirMoji Accent decor piece. 

Brought to you by The Happy Co.

Choose from our most popular, best-selling products from the MojiLife catalog.


Explore our line of clean, safe, patented AirMojis and CarMojis. Both fragrance systems are available in three colors, with optional charging and mounting solutions to customize your scenting experience!


Stop bathroom odors before they start, with MojiLoo Toilet Spray. Available in top-selling exclusive MojiLife fragrances and featuring Odorzen odor neutralizer, MojiLoo is the “spritz before you sit” solution for your toilet bowl.


Take any of your favorite MojiLife scents on-the-go! The CarMoji easily clips to most vehicle air vents, providing natural airflow and the perfect fragrance experience. Place your pod in the sleek and compact CarMoji and enjoy!


MyMojiLife offers exciting limited time specials.

Discounts, deals, and exclusive promotions! Check back regularly to discover the joy of fragrance (and savings!)


Fragrance Pods are mess-free, exclusive scents in favorite categories from citrus to floral to fresh or fruity and beyond! All fragrances are family and pet-friendly and last up to 100 hours, and work in any MojiLife fragrance device.


Boost your mood and well-being with our selection of pods made with pure essential oils and oil blends. Mess-free, safe scenting in any MojiLife device for up to 100 hours per pod.



Safety is a core principle of MojiLife, our products are not only pet and kid friendly but also cruelty-free. MojiLife’s patented delivery system is founded on airflow, and provides luxury fragrance with no flame, heat, or wax. Our pods do not contain harmful toxins or banned chemicals. 



All the brains, but beautiful, too! The AirMoji II stays true to the design and aesthetic masterpiece of the original but now features an LED band and superior craftsmanship. Brilliant black, gorgeous gray, and elegant white are sleek on their own. You can also complement with AirMoji Accents to match your signature style.



Luxury fragrance simplified even further—we set the standard with no water to fill, no melted wax to remove, no liquid cartridges to leak. Changing out the pod is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The AirMoji advances convenience to unprecedented levels. Manual mode has user-friendly switches that control fan speed, turn LED on/off, and activate a preset timer. 



MojiLife prides itself on an environmentally conscious product line. Our focus is continually finding new ways to be "green and clean," evident from our highly recyclable pods, biodegradable cores, and the new, reusable neoprene cases. Our luxury fragrances are ethically and sustainably sourced.



Fragrance on demand, the AirMoji features a new & improved app that enables unparalleled personalization from the palm of your hand. Optimize your fragrance efficiency with precision intervals, consistently delivered. Increase longevity, enhance your surroundings, and experience fragrance with smarter delivery. 



The AirMoji lineup has already been dually diverse with the hybrid ability to experience fragrances or Air+essential oil pods. AirMoji II continues the power of two with the evolution of manual and smart modes. Conveniently flip a switch or, if you prefer, connect to our enhanced app experience. Either method, you'll "Enjoy Every Moment.” 

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Breakthrough Scent Technology =

Luxurious Fragrance like never before. 


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Gorgeous Gray, bold Black, or elegant White. 

Beautiful LED Band with Custom Color.

Manual and Bluetooth App Modes 

Simple & Smart


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Your home is well prepared for your return,

perfectly set to whatever makes you most comfortable 

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